Friday, January 3, 2014

What Brings Us Together

It's a Friday evening at home.  Normally I try to take Friday late afternoon through Saturday late afternoon "off" from work related pursuits - but this is an odd week due to the New Year holiday so I'm taking the liberty to continue the study that I wrote about yesterday... and writing this... plus doing a variety of other things.  It's quite enjoyable for me--especially because we don't need to go anywhere on this sleety night.

On the way home from Dassel today a pickup truck skidded across the center line and collided with the car I was following (at a distance thank God!).  God blessed us all and no one was badly hurt though the pickup and car were totaled.  I was there to call 911 and check on the people, plus had a chance to pray over those in the pickup.

I'm so glad they were all okay!  Thank you Jesus!  I stayed awhile, talked with the officer and then he let me know that I could go.  I don't have the names of all the people but I do ask that you who pray would lift up the young people and the middle aged woman whose car was hit in my lane.

It's often the needs of others that bring us out of isolation and into relationship.

Here are some of the other things that went on this week that got me involved with folks that have needs of one sort or another.  These are some of the ways that happened this week.
  • On Monday I spent some time with a friend at his business, encouraging one another and talking about a few challenges.  It was very good, especially because it was a slower day for him and we weren't interrupted.  I had looked forward to meeting with this person for a long time and finally our schedules clicked.
  • On Tuesday night, after our regular prayer time at church, we went to a New Year's Eve party at the home of someone who had invited everyone from church to come out to their place.  One woman from church came with us.  She needed a ride because her car is broken down.  She came because she responded to the invitation given at church.  She responded because she didn't have a lot of other options,  She was looking forward to being away from her home situation for awhile.  The three of us (Toni and I plus this friend) joined 7 others for a very fun time!
  • On Wednesday morning I was up early.  I'm glad I was because an older man we've known for several years phoned just to talk (at 6 AM) and to let me know about some health issues that he's been having.  I tried to reconnect tonight but no luck.  I'll try again tomorrow.
  • That same day (Wednesday), Toni took a meatloaf out of the freezer and then invited a single parent family to supper.  They've been here before.  The kids, and the parent, feel very much at home.  We had the fireplace going while we talked and the kids played.
  • Yesterday (and today) I got up early -- school is open again.  After my morning bus run yesterday, I did some work getting ready for Sunday.  After school the office was open and I went by there after bus and worked awhile with Kristine.
  • Today (Friday) I spent time with a member of that extended family, a woman who is not much older than me but who has suffered a wide variety of losses--physical, financial, occupational--plus her husband has died.  We shared scripture and prayer and caring conversation.  (It was the single parent who had mentioned that perhaps she'd appreciate a chance to talk.)
  • As I prayed and talked with the widow, someone who is staying with her (the son of a friend) began to share about his own life.  He is working part time because his health won't allow full time--and his car is in need of repair too.
Normally it's our needs and our vulnerabilities that bring us together.  I hope you'll never be too shy to share what's going on with you.  Don't try to handle everything alone.

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