Thursday, January 16, 2014

Church Alert

The following is from Bryan Lowe, a pastor living in Alaska.  I'm acquainted with him through his blog "Broken Believers."  I highly recommend his work.

When I rose early this morning, I saw this and thought it was truly helpful and important to share because: 

1. Our every other Saturday morning "church study group" is looking at portrayals of the church.  This is helpful in that regard.  

2. It points ways in which the church is subject to attack.  "Spiritual warfare" is a real part of every believer's life--whether we're aware of it or not.  

Don't be naïve! When believers are tempted to separate themselves from brothers and sisters in Christ, when we are tempted to examine the sins of our church family members we must be alert!  Satan prowls.  

What do we then do?  Put on the whole armor of God! Stay in close fellowship and PRAY TOGETHER as often as you can!  Greater is He that is in You (plural) than He who is in the world.

Why the Church?

It is easy to become cynical and hard about the Church. We easily see failure and defeat permeating our local churches. That is a serious problem, if we look too close, or for too long. The sins of the Church are evident and massive.

Satan has a personal vendetta against the Church. He clearly strategizes and makes tactical moves to stultify it. It is his grim effort to make the Church a non-factor in the lives of many. This is Satan’s will. The black lord desires to destroy the saints. The question begs to be asked, “Why the Church?”

Fellowship, or in Koine Greek is “Koinonia.” It implies a common sharing of things or experiences. It is to share with others what you have. At it’s best, believers share all that is good and right with each other. However, bad things can also be shared. Yes, we have seen this!

However, to be a Christian is to be:
  • A branch of the vine– John 15:9
  • A limb of the body– 1 Corinthians 12
  • A reborn child of the Father– John 1:12-13
There is a real dependence in all of these, an attachment to something that provides nourishment to the individual and protection of the person. God has designed it so we come to Him corporately (this is “koinonia”). We are family, and that is how we must access the Father.
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