Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Note From the Campground

I’m writing this piece [Monday evening] at a campground in southern Minnesota. Toni and I came down here for a two day get away. We did a little biking and have set up our tent and now, at 8:30, I’m taking a little time to write something that I’ll most likely post on my blog tomorrow.*

Many times during the day today I’ve thought about what a luxury it is to be able to get away like this. Though it’s always possible to compare my life (our life) with those who are better off, the truth is that we are so very privileged, so very bourgeoisie. It all comes from how pastors have been well “kept,” well-fed, and, in many ways, tamed. We have a car that runs well (in fact, we have 2 plus an old van), enough money for gas and the $50 we spent for the 2 night campground reservation, and we’re able to get away for this little vacation. And, besides all that, Toni and I enjoy spending time together. There isn’t much stress. It’s really nice.

As I sit here, and as I’ve been driving, I’ve thought about the many people Toni and I know who for many reasons just could never have time like this. I think of particular people whose lives are troubled in various ways or who have huge responsibilities that don’t let them get away like this. And, of course, the poor. What can I do? One thing I can do is to pray. To pray fervently for them and then to be open to those times when the Lord calls me to be directly involved in their lives.

Well, Toni has started the campfire, so I’m going to put this away now. God bless you all.
* Now it's Wednesday at about 4:30.  Toni and I are home after a truly excellent time away.  We camped at Forestville State Park in southeastern MN where there are almost NO mosquitoes!  We left home on Monday morning, stopped to see my parents in Minneapolis and then again in Mendota where we did some biking along the Big Rivers trail, and then drove past Rochester to Forestville park where we explored what remains of a little town by the same name.  On Tuesday we spent some time in Harmony while waiting for a rain shower to end, biked a bit there but then went to Lanesboro where we had a very sweet time biking a piece of the Root River trail.  (We didn't work too hard.)  Today we hiked a bit in the Forestville park before heading home.  So wonderful to get away.

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