Monday, August 27, 2012

Will You Share?

8:40 a.m. FYI - since I wrote this earlier this morning I found a way to connect my facebook and blog using twitter - look on the right side of this for my "twitter" feed and let me know as time goes by if that is appreciated.  Thanks!


Good morning!  Praising God here in Cokato for another new day!

When I started this blog, back in May and June of 2008, I didn't tell anyone for the first few weeks.  I just began to write and, as time went by, it became clear that this was something I enjoyed doing so I decided to let people know I was writing.  "Sharing Ministry and Faith" at was born.

I found this blog helpful as a way to get me motivated to write, and writing has always been a way that has been helpful in getting my thoughts organized.  This blog has been a real help in doing that.  I want to thank my daughter, Naomi Thorson Krueger, for introducing me to "blogging."  It's been a good run.

As you read this those of you who have been reading this consistently may be wondering if I'm going to shut this blog down for good but I haven't made that decision.  I only thought it would be good to write something and post it because it's been so long, almost two weeks, since I've added anything here.

I think that is so because my hope, when I titled this blog to begin with, was that it would be a way of "sharing" ministry and faith... and it was.*  Since then, however I've discovered that I long for true "equal sharing" on the internet.  I don't want to just share as if I was some sort of ministry or faith authority, though I do have experience in a variety of ways that others don't.  But since beginning this in 2008 other forms of communication have become more popular.  That's why I'm on facebook.  Please read more about that on my April 30 post entitled "Facebook Is Winning."

Anyway, I'm not necessarily signing off, but I do want to encourage you who are reading this blog to either (1) go back and make lots of comments on a variety of posts that you have found helpful or annoying or (2) just give in and join facebook.  If you have another idea about how to ramp up the "equal sharing" on this blog, or another form of popular social media that is less annoying to you than facebook, let me know.  That will motivate me to keep writing here.


I don't know how the statistics of this blog compare with the statistics of others, but supposedly there have been over 40,000 "visitors" since July of 2009.*  Every time you go to you become a "visitor" more than once, though, so how many actual people have really been looking at this I honestly have no idea.
 July 2009 - that's as far as the public statistics go back -- and those "visitors" don't include the times I have gone to myself -- I set something online to let "blogger" and "sitemeter" ignore my "visits" to this blog.

In my post of July 31 I talked about other reasons for writing less these days.  Two or three people mentioned that they had missed my writing and I appreciated their feedback.  Thank you!

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