Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All the People

One advantage of traveling is that a person gets a more realistic picture of one's place in this world, and, also, how big God must be to care personally for the few thousand Toni and I have seen on our travels, and, even more, for every one of the billions on this massive planet.  There are so many people!  The amazing thing to me is that God has put it in my heart to want to know all of them.  But even if I were to live to an extremely ripe old age, I'd only be able to even meet the tiniest faction of them all, much less get to know them.  I've often thought about all the people I still don't know at all in the small town we live in.  But traveling brings that truth into sharper focus.  There are so many.  And I am very small.

What a great God we have to make each one and to love them just as they are.  What a wonderful Father we have that he desires to have a personal relationship with each.  And what a great and wondrous gift it is that you and I can get to know even a few of all the people God has made.  Praise God for his incomparable gift!

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