Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Intentional Change

Today's facebook status:

What have you intentionally changed about yourself?
If nothing comes to mind have you truly repented and believed?*

Yesterday in a 1:00 p.m. telephone huddle one of the participants spoke about how much his leadership group had grown into the "repent and believe" circle.*  There were frustrations with that because there is more to ministry than individual repentance and "faith in action" (i.e. "believe")--there's a need to grow into multiplying leadership--however, if we do not practice the circle on a regular basis we cannot be Jesus' disciples.

So, have a look at those questions above.  Can you come up with an answer or two?  Then go on to allow the Lord to continually transform you. How is God calling you to change/repent and believe/act differently now?  Will you obey?


*The question arises from the circle, the basic shape of 3dm ministry, and refers to what Jesus said at the beginning of his work here on earth: "The Kingdom of God is at hand!  Repent and Believe!"


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