Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Public Post

I'm not drinking till I puke.  The picture of a facebook privacy setting above is from a blog written by someone else.  I'm just posting the picture to make a point.  Some people are quite selective about how sees what on facebook.  I'm sure the same is true for what people post on other forms of electronic media.

This comes up right now because Toni and I are out of town on the way to a wedding.  Many people would never post that sort of information online, or they'd limit who could see it.  For me, though, I hate being cautious.  When I'm cautious I feel as though I am blocking what God wants to be doing through what I write here and on facebook.

All of my facebook posts are public, available for anyone in the world to see. Same thing for my blogposts here.  I think I'll leave it that way for now.  Part of the point is to give people a way that they might overhear the Good News of Jesus and the way it impacts this one life (mine).
I think this is one the Holy Spirit works in me.  Certainly I don't tell everyone everything.  There are limits.  I will not post my credit card number.  I will not let everyone know all my thoughts.  Mostly, though, I think God is calling me to push those limits more than many people do.  I think God pushes us all mostly to be more open, at least when we're not putting others in danger.

What do you think?  I would enjoy hearing from anyone about this.  Make a comment below or post a reply on facebook.  Or, heck, give me a call at 763-291-3499 or email me at  Let's share!

(By the way, don't think you can just go in our house and rob it or trash it anytime we are away.  Our neighbors are watching and some of our family members and friends are staying there!  And God is watching you too!)

God bless your day!

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