Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today We'll Pray

Just a quick note about one sign of the Lord's presence among us. 

Some of the plans we have been laying were thrown for a loop today because it turns out that at the same day and time we had set for our Partnership Dinner (Sunday, May 20) there is a big high school fine arts event.  We didn't know anything about this... it wasn't on the main school calendar... it was hidden away on a particular teacher's webpage... but in any case neither I nor any of our board members knew about the conflict until I announced the May 20 date at church today...  then several families who have high schoolers said that wasn't going to work. 

I was like "UGH"... how are we going to reschedule this?  And I still don't know.  We've got a caterer, volunteer helpers from another church and a speaker all lined up for that date.  And now it's not going to work.  Double "UGH."  UGH UGH.

So I went over to break the news to the member of the board of directors who had arranged the caterer.  I was thinking, uff, I hate to be the bearer of this news and I hate the thought that this is all getting confused after we had worked to make this date work.  But my dear friend, the member of the board who had made the arrangements, she said she had already heard and that she had said, when she first heard it, well, we're just going to have to pray about that.  We can't do anything today.

So wise.  I was scurrying.  Now I'm saying, okay... let's just pray... Let's breathe and let God work.

I'm not saying it still won't be difficult to reschedule all of this... but, honestly, if the Lord can bring life from death, why can't he take care of this hiccup.  He will, and we'll need to humble ourselves and make changes... but, in the process, maybe we can learn to trust God a little more. 

I have so much to learn, and I'm so thankful for this board member and all my Crossroads partners who help me along the way.

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