Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running from Surrender?

The following is from Linda Krushke's blog from April 16.

Linda describes herself as "a wife, mother (of a teenager), daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, friend, Christian, lawyer (recovering), and person who loves life. I’ve experience some difficulties and pain in my life, and am thankful they have made me stronger and shaped who I am."
"Today I want to share a song from [Third Day's] newest CD Move. The name of the song is Surrender." [Scroll the bottom of this post for the song or go to this link -]

"I love the guitar intro to this song – it’s very southern rock. But more important is the message.

"So many people spend their whole lives running from God. They think that surrendering to God is the worst thing they could ever do. Surrender suggests weakness, and no one wants to be seen as weak.

"But the reality is that the only path to true freedom is surrender to the will of God. A person can’t be free when they are on the run from the truth. Running is where true weakness is revealed.

"Are you still running? Do you look in the mirror and wonder how you reached this point in your life? Are you pretending you are fine, when really you’re just dying inside? Are you looking for a solution to the dead end you’ve found yourself in?

"The answer is surrender to a Creator who knows what is best for His Creation."
A BIG part of surrender is asking someone to pray with you. Asking someone to pray WITH you, not just "for" you, is a tremendously honest and humbling act that brings so much healing. Please ask a mature Christian friend to pray with you tonight, in Jesus' name.
Lyrics of the song "Surrender" by Third Day.

When the day began
And you opened up your eyes
No, you didn't recognize
What you were seeing
Then it all came back
You remembered where you've been
Well, it never seems to end
And you're still running

Will you ever change your mind
You're almost out of time

You better give up
Gotta stop running
It's the end of the line
It's time to surrender
Hands up
Turn it around
Fall to the ground
Are you gonna surrender

Now the day is done
And you want to close your eyes
And pretend that you are fine
But you'd be lying
And you want it back
The life that you once had
'Cause inside you find
That you are slowly dying
There is only ONE who deserves our surrender. His name is Jesus. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him. There is glory given through surrender... ask someone to pray with you now!

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