Friday, December 30, 2011

My Vindicator Lives

Yesterday morning I sat at a table with my father in law and three other men from his church.  (One of the other men was the pastor who confirmed me and who later served as bishop in the area where I worked as a pastor from 1986-1992.)

I was invited there for a men's Bible study and we were looking at chapters 18-19 of the Old Testament Bible book of Job.  The book mostly consists of long speeches made by Job's friends (and replies by Job himself), speeches that try to explain the suffering Job has gone through.  Job argues that there is no easy explanation.  In fact, throughout most of the book Job blames God.

But even though Job is convinced that God is responsible for his suffering, he remains even more certain that, in the end, he will be proved right.  That's when Job says "I know that my vindicator lives." 

The word "vindicator" is from a Hebrew word that can mean "redeemer," and the word "redeemer" is a more frequently used translation in Job 19:25 (click here for the word in context).  The sense, however, is that there will be someone, in the end, who will stand up beside Job and defend him, vindicating him as a good man.

Jesus is my Vindicator and my Defender.  How thankful I am I can trust in Him!  You can know the Lord's work in your life too.  The Lord will stand beside you forever when you surrender to Him.


  1. which Pastor from St. James?

    Happy New Years Eve from your sister Lisa!

  2. Hi Lisa! Gary Knutson! He lives in Northfield and is a part of St. John's there. I haven't heard from Dave Olson for years, have you?