Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lessons of Between

God is faithful.  Among all the lessons that the Lord has taught us over the past years, that is the most precious.  God is faithful.  He will not abandon us no matter how long the journey may be.  His promise is true.

At some point during the past year or so I picked up The Land Between, by Jeff Manion.  In the book the author "uses the biblical story of the Israelites' journey through the Sinai desert as a metaphor for being in an undesired transitional space... After enduring generations of slavery in Egypt, the descendants of Jacob travel through the wilderness (The Land Between) toward their new home in Canaan.... Manion explores the ways in which the Israelites' reactions provide guidance on how to respond to God during your own transitions..."

In the second chapter, Manion suggests that, through "The Land Between," God is leading the Israelites through life-threatening situations to prove that he can be trusted.
The people are supposed to be learning trust along the way... the Land Between and its hardships are meant to train and transform the people.  God's intent is to use the harsh conditions of the wilderness to prove his faithfulness.  If these faith lessons take hold, then the people will be molded into a people of trust, prepared to enter the land promised to their ancestors.
Do you see that in your life?  Can you see that whatever "Land Between" you are in is meant to get you ready for the promised land?  The question being asked of you through your trials is "Who is the source of life?  Upon whom will you depend for what you need?"

In the case of the ancient Israelites, once they entered the promised land they would need to resist looking to the other gods for protection, for provision, for direction and life's purpose.  The desert was a training ground.  There they would learn to be dependent on God, and on God alone.
Hear the whisper of the Creator:
"I am all sufficient."
"Turn to me." 
"Trust me." 
"I am proving myself as capable provider."
How do you and I respond in the harsh conditions of the Land Between?  Do we trust?  Do we respond in faith?  Are we allowing ourselves to be disciplined and trained by the hardships we experience in the Land Between so that we can live in greater dependence on God alone?

Remember, our patterns of response to our challenges and trails will shape who we become.  That was true of God's ancient people.  It's also true of us in Dassel-Cokato in these days.  God has been leading us, setting us free so we can follow Jesus in all of life.  Will we continue to trust?  Will we continue to follow the providential guiding hand of God?  There is great reward when we do.

Let's walk together through the lessons toward the future God has prepared.  God is setting us free so we can set others free!  What a generous and good God!  What a blessing to follow Him!

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