Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still in Cokato?

Are you still in Cokato?
Many people ask that question.  One of the members of the Bethany College of Missions team (shadows depicted above) that came by in April 2010 asked me that this morning.  (See It's Not My Life It's God's and Stand Up! for more about their visit.  I met them on a Saturday evening on the highway where the Crossroads church now meets in a rented building.)

The team member who asked me has a testimony to God's light in her life that she deeply desires to share with those who are exploited sexually through human trafficking.  I am hoping we can arrange to have her bring here testimony and her dream of serving in Thailand here to Crossroads. She wrote: I one way or the other want to work in a ministry with people who have come from a horrible past..., I want to show them the light I have found!

That's one of the reasons we're still here.  There are so many people who have suffered horribly in this life, and many of people who God has gathered together to be a part of Crossroads have gone through very painful times themselves.  Perhaps because of that, and because God has poured his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, there is a deep and active desire among us to reach out--prayerfully and powerfully--to do more than just care for "our own."*  Perhaps working with someone like this Bethany student can be one more way for us to do just that.  Let's pray together and seek God's will.


* Not to say that those from other churches have not had similar experiences.  And not to say that Crossroads is unique in wanting to reach out.  But there are many, many people who continue to suffer from their own sin and the sin of others against them.  There's no lack of people, in our community and elsewhere, for "one more church" to pray for and serve.


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