Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm changing over my email address to  My former email still works for now, but since that one is tied to the parsonage* that we're in the process of moving out of it's good to start the switch.

Thanks to the many, many people who have come alongside us during this time of transition.  Thank you to the people of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cokato, for so generously supporting us during these six months.  Honestly I didn't think it would take us so long to move on.

Thanks to many friends we were able to get most of our possessions out of the house in two hours last Saturday.  We will follow our things to Dave & Barb Yeager's home on Presidents' Day, Feb. 21.  I plan to turn in the keys to the parsonage* the next day.

Toni and I are so thankful we have a place to stay with the Yeagers for now.  We don't know yet where we're going next.  Hopefully that will be determined in the near future.

We treasure our connections with you, whether its in person, by phone, by mail or electronically.  Our cell phone numbers will stay the same.  Our US mail will continue to be P.O. Box 8, Cokato.  I believe it is God's plan to continue the relationships God has given to us.  Let's not let one another drift away. 
*"parsonage" is a church-related word that means a house owned by the church where the pastor (or "parson") lives.

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