Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Being Lutheran

I've been asked, recently, why it's good to be Lutheran.  Every church denomination has it's problems.  So why is being Lutheran a good thing?

For me, if I had to put it in a brief statement, it would be something like what is summarized in Martin Luther’s explanation to the third article of the Apostles' creed.
It’s good to be Lutheran because Lutherans understand that we cannot believe or trust or come to Jesus by our own reason, understanding, strength or effort but, in terms of having a good relationship with God, all the initiative is God’s and God’s alone.
Lutherans get that right.  Jesus loves me just because He does.  He chooses to do so.  It's not because I'm good or worthy in any way.  It's not because I've said the right words or done the right things.  He simply chooses to love me and He reveals that to me through His Word.   I know of no other Christian denomination that is as clear and true on that one important point.

So what about our response to God's Grace?  That comes about through the work of the Holy Spirit, who works in us and through us when we give up our own initiative and live by God's Word and God's Will.  The good things we do and say and think and pray--they are VERY IMPORTANT, but they also begin with God.

Let me know what you think.  I've already revised this after getting feedback from a friend! ;-)

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