Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Open Minded Church

Yesterday at FaithLift my daughter Naomi and I were privileged to hear a Bible Study on Luke 24 mostly focused on verses 42-49.  Pastor Gemechis Buba spoke on the Biblical Understanding of Open Mindedness ("διανοίγω τὸν νοῦν") as found in Luke 24:45 where the resurrected Jesus opens the minds of the first church assembly.  That first assembly was divided--not over issues of sexuality but over the question of whether Jesus was truly resurrected from the dead or not.  It was not experience that settled the question, it was the Scripture--the Written Word of God.  Here are some of Dr. Gemechis' points:
  1. An Open Minded Church Subordinates Experience to the Word of God.
  2. An Open Minded Church Believes in the Theology of the Cross.
  3. An Open Minded Church Has Faith in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  4. An Open Minded Church Proclaims Repentance and Forgiveness--not one or the other but BOTH.
  5. An Open Minded Church Is A Community of Witnesses - We are not "actors" who "do" God's will as much as we are paying attention to what God is doing and saying "Look at that!"
  6. An Open Minded Church Is Open to the Promise of the Holy Spirit--not just the head knowledge of believing.
  7. An Open Minded Church is Positioned for Persistent Prayer.
I'll try to write more later.  Peace to you in Jesus' name.


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