Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Worse Things Get

I'm still puzzling over Mark 13 (gospel reading for Nov. 15) and how it applies to life today. Like I wrote yesterday in Trust to the End, I'm not convinced that it's possible, or even honest, to try to teach people specifics about just what the Bible teaches will happen at the time when the world ends.
  • Too many people have been wrong in the past.  Martin Luther is one of the many who was convinced that he was living in the very last days. 
  • There are too many possible interpretations of the Bible on this.  See the section "Schools of Prophetic Interpretation" article in Wikipedia for the variety of irreconcilable views.
It is good for us, however, to always keep alert and watching, knowing that the end of the world could very well be very near. But what if it's not?  Can Mark 13 still teach us something?

For me, one thing stands above all others.  Mark 13, and all of the other apocalyptic parts of the Bible (Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation and other smaller sections) teach us this: the worse things get the closer we are to the promises of God coming true

Can I apply that to my life tonight?  Tomorrow?  If I do trust God that much, what joy there will be!

The sad thing is that not everyone knows God's promises.  Letting others know that, in a way they can trust, sharing the Word with Love... that needs to be job one in every time and every age.

It call comes back to what Jesus showed us on the cross.  It was only a short time from "My God My God Why Have You Forgotten Me" to the wondrous resurrection!  Let's let everyone know--with lots of love.


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