Saturday, November 7, 2009

Come Lay 'em Down

As we get ready for worship tomorrow, here's a lyric for a song by the group NEED TO BREATHE that's worth listening to--help you get ready to lay all your burdens and gifts at the feet of the Master.

You can listen to the music by clicking here.
Come down to the river
Come and let yourself in
Make good on a promise
To never hurt again
If you're lost and lonely
Broken down
Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down

All you sinners
And the weak at heart
All the helpless
On the boulevards
Wherever you are now
Whatever evil you've found
Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down

We're all tied to the same old failings
Finding shelter in things we know
We're all dirty like corrupted small towns
We'll bring our troubles
We'll bring our troubles
Come lay 'em down

All you rich men
And the high above
All those with
And without love
All you burdened
And turned around
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down


  1. for some reason the lyrics are cut off on the right hand side

  2. This song has saved my life. Literally. I am in such a bad situation....I dreamt about Jesus by the river In the Smoky Mtns.(which I love) and I saw me laying all my burdens at HIS feet. ALL the poverty lonliness illnesses etc. His eyes were like a raging rapid! It is keeping me going. I even hear it in my sleep.