Sunday, September 20, 2009

After the Forum

I am thankful for all who spoke their minds at the forum on denominational issues that we had at our church tonight, but more thankful for the one who is the way and the truth and the life - the one who always has us on his mind and in his heart, the one God in human flesh, Jesus the Christ. Jesus reveals God most clearly as he suffers and dies for sinners on the cross and rises victorious to give us hope and peace and love for all.

I plan to keep learning love and courage from that same Jesus, as he is revealed to us in the scriptures and in the proclamation of God's Word. I hope we'll keep treasuring Jesus above all, and that we will continue to recognize the scriptures, seen through the bloody sweat and tears of Jesus, as the place where we go to discuss and resolve issues of life and faith.

Some quoted painful scripture passages tonight that, without the mediation of Jesus' sacrificial love, and without careful study, are just so painful to hear. I'd like to encourage us to become familiar with the ELCA confession of faith, particularly the section on scripture in C2.02. It's clear there that Jesus comes first, then the rest of the scriptures. You can find the ELCA confession of faith on my post dated Friday, Sept. 18.

As someone said toward the end of the forum tonight, so much changed with Jesus' sacrifice for us sinful humans. Some things did not change, but so much did. As to telling the difference between the two, I commend to you my friend Joel Berthelsen's book length paper A Welcoming Community of Grace: A Law and Gospel Approach to the Sexuality Debate.

Thank you to all who expressed their love and their willingness to keep praying us through. Peace to you in Jesus' name.

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