Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Witnesses Wanted

This morning I talked with Jerry Seehusen. He writes a blog called Beef on the Grill. In the past he was a member of our church. I asked him if he would be one of our speakers during the Lenten season who will share their perspectives on the question "What Does the Cross Mean to You?" He readily agreed.

Who else would you like to hear from on Wednesdays during Lent? I'll be contacting our missionaries, Joyce Graue and Eloise Ponsford, to see if they would be willing to submit something in writing or by audio or video. Are there members of our church or others that you think would be good to hear from? Who do you think it would be good for our youth to hear speak about the Lord and what he did on the cross? Please pray and ask the Lord "who would it be good to have as a speaker?"

Don't be shy yourself either! Most of us could share a brief but meaningful 5 minute reading or talk. Some could share a more in depth testimony. The theme "Perspectives on the Passion" and the question "What does the cross mean to you?" is intended to focus our attention on the main work of our Lord Jesus Christ and share that with others.

I'd appreciate your input today if possible. Tonight I meet with our worship and music committee and we'll begin talking about Lent. I'll ask them the same question. For more info, see yesterday afternoon's post.

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