Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vision Raising Result 07

Earlier this week an office volunteer (thanks Elsie!) compiled what members of our church marked on the back of the "Our Call 'In World'" forms. It's encouraging to know that many of our church members and friends are interested in serving the Lord through the church and its existing programs. Yesterday another volunteer (thanks Laverne!) did the same with the items marked on the back of "Equip and Support." The "Our Call 'At Church'" forms are going to need to wait for our staff -- there are so many of them!

Today I talked over the 'In World' results with the chair of our social ministry committee. Other results will be sent to our church office and council. That way the various interested people can be informed and helped to serve through our church.

If you have not yet filled out a form, please go to the Vision Raising "forms" page, download whatever forms you missed, and return it to church.

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