Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After...

Are these fair statements?
  • The problem with ******* is that they sometimes put too much faith in government, believing it can do more than it is really able to do in a good way.
  • The trouble with ******* is that they sometimes put too much faith in the ability of broken & sinful individuals to make their own way and influence the world for good.
Put in the party or political philosophy names of your choice.

We've had an historic election. Pray that the Lord would guide us as we stumble along through the challenges of life together. Pray that the Lord would make us humble, loving and brave. Pray for our men & women in uniform. Pray for all who love and serve in this great land called the United States of America. Pray for our teachers and parents who love and guide the young. Pray for all who work and all who cannot work. Pray for the "least" and the "lost" in the world. Pray that we would each follow our Lord's call.

Relying on the promises and love of our Lord we live today as best we can. Until our Lord returns with power and great glory, we have lots to do in His name. We cannot delegate our responsibilities to the government, but neither can we focus only on our own personal circle of influence. So we learn to work together, even with those who are *******. (Put the other party or philosophy in the blank.) God loves and works through them too.

Pastor Mark Hanson, who serves as presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has made a statement on the 2008 election. What do you think? Should the church be making statements like that? What do you agree with? What do you think was left out?


  1. I think all of the things that he pointed out are great and are the duties of all Christians. I do find it troubling, however, that helping the less fortunate somehow trumps the fact that it will now also be easier to kill the burdensome unborn if convenient. Are they not also the less fortunate? I would like to hear his theological reply (not a legal one) to this. If we are going to apply our Christian theology to our government, then we can't pick and choose which topics this will apply to. It is a slippery slope..

    In Christ,
    Mike Lawyer

  2. Thanks Mike for commenting on Mark Hanson's "statement." My own position is that we have a tremendous responsibility as Christians to help women who find themselves contemplating abortion. There are so many families waiting for adoptions! "Crisis Pregnancy" organizations such as the Pregnancy Resource Center in St. Cloud ( What the government should or shouldn't do isn't of as much interest to me as what we Christians can do out of Christian love and concern, but that's my own bias.

  3. Oops... I didn't finish one of the sentences above... I meant to say that Crisis Pregnancy organizations deserve our consistent support.