Friday, April 6, 2018

Work and Time

I've been back home from work for about a half hour now (9:40 AM). Earlier, as I was working, I was thinking about how much I enjoy my work. I'd probably do it as a volunteer if I could be guaranteed enough money to live. The only major thing that's a negative is the amount of time my work takes out of any given day. At least that's what it seems like to me.

As I take time to really look at my schedule, it's not really that bad. I have almost five hours during each day, Monday through Friday, to do anything I want to. True, a couple hours of that are taken up in things I think I need to do almost every day -- exercising and napping. Both of those get cut some on some days, but, generally, that leaves 3 hours a day, plus the (short) evening, to do all the things the Lord has given me to do besides working for a living.

Honestly, it's a great life. I'm so thankful! This morning when I got home I put up a little wire fence to keep the rabbits from eating the tulips that are coming up even through it's 16F, and I put this little blog post together. Now I'll take a nap.


Here's a little visual about how my schedule has been for last couple years or so... I don't have a record of how it was for the summer and fall of 2015. Every three months or so the schedule changes as we "pick" the "duties" we'll be assigned for winter, spring, summer and fall. Right now my "duty" includes morning routes near the U of M, and afternoon routes through Northeast Minneapolis.

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