Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Imitate Me (?)

Going through our credit card statement, entering receipts, balancing accounts: it shows me how much money I spend on things that I probably wouldn't spend on if I wasn't trying to please others.  

Is that true? In some ways, yes. Thinking back on my life I realize how many times I've avoided spending money until I'm "pushed" by others.

Is that God's work in my life? Is the contentment I often have with how things are, my desire to be frugal... is that a "God thing" or just a part of my (inborn?) temperment?

I know, in many ways (not all!) I live in ways that are driven by my relationship with the Lord, not just doing what others do. Is that pride? Judgmental? Or do I dare give credit to the Lord?

It's good to not judge others, but I often think that it would be better if more people lived like I do.

Did I really say that? Uff da.

And yet, the Apostle Paul was bold to say "Imitate me... as I imitate Christ." Do I dare say the same?

Praying for wisdom.

See this link: https://www.challies.com/personal-reflections/be-imitators-of-me/


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