Sunday, January 28, 2018

Think Differently

Toni and I are part of a small group that we've connected with through the church we've been part of for the last year and a half or so. (I'm sure I've mentioned this before.) Right now, with the group, we've been looking at a book, actually a "Bible Study" guide, with the title "Think Differently."

I've read through the pages of the book assigned for "week 1" but haven't done the study in the way the author intended. The topic for the week is "Why Is It So Hard to Think Differently?", and, frankly, the reason I haven't worked hard on the book is that I don't think, for me, it's hard to think differently. I'm challenging my own thinking all the time, and there have been several big changes. Right now God is working on me about one particular area, but even though there are big challenges with the process of change, it's not "hard" in the way the book seems to say. I believe in change and "think" it's very much a positive thing.

More about this later. Time to get ready to walk to church.

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