Friday, December 9, 2016


North Minneapolis Route 5
Today I was feeling less than positive about my life and my work... until I got to the garage and a more experienced driver/instructor said this:
"Good job yesterday on that 5."
Strange how those few words could just turn my whole attitude around.

I think my not-too-positive encounter with the safety manager yesterday left me feeling down. All it took was that one phrase from "Rich" to brighten up my attitude and make my work feel worthwhile again.

The driver who encouraged me was the one that trained me on the 5. He lives in North Minneapolis, and his wife's son is a high school student there. That particular bus (an artic) is full of N Mpls high school kids. Right now it's my favorite piece of work. I'm enjoying the kids and the challenge of weaving that 62 foot long machine down Fremont Avenue, curving in and out of stops. It felt good to be complemented by someone who knows the challenges well.

It's a good reminder to me of the power of words.

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