Saturday, February 27, 2016

Doing vs. Writing

Good afternoon! Life moves on even when this blog doesn't.

I see I've written only one post in February. That's a record low. And I'm not going to write for more than a half hour now 'cause there are other things to do.

I continue to be overwhelmingly thankful for the daily blessings of the Lord: living in this awesome location in the Twin Cities, working split shifts for Metro Transit, spending time with Toni and our kids and my parents etc., studying theology, volunteering a bit for Bridging, starting a group for young men, keeping physically fit, following recent political developments and learning more about the lives of others, particularly the thousands represented by those who ride the buses I drive.

I could write significant articles on all of these topics. It hasn't been done 'cause there's been so much "doing" and less writing these days. I do, however, still sense a call to share in this format. Something might have to be cut back so I can find time to write.

Here's an example:

Preview of an unfinished post from mid February
Back before mid-month I started writing a piece that was sparked by our friendship with more than one young adult who are having a hard time making ends meet financially. Entitled "$2.25" (rush hour local bus fare in the Twin Cities) it was intended to be a reflection on the need to help people with the basics of life so they don't get discouraged and do desperately stupid things to make life feel better for them in the short term. I was hoping to make it practically helpful (with links to organizations providing bus fare discounts) with strong roots in the Christian faith.

It's not done. Neither are my reflections on Trinitarian Theology. I met again with a Grace Communion International pastor this week; he gave me some ideas about where to start with some more in depth study. I told him I'd be sharing what I learn.

Like I said, I do sense a continued to call to share here. But somehow life needs to be balanced enough so there's time for it. And that's not happening at the moment. Right now it's time to go wash my car.

Peace to you in Jesus' name.

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