Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving Ahead into 2015

At 6:30 tonight our Crossroads Board of Directors meets. The board meets first to pray and discuss my "contract," which, this time, will be for 6 months with an evaluation in March. Then, together, we'll spend time in the Word of God and prayer before going on to other business, including the approval of the 2015 proposed budget and a revision to the "partnership agreement" that all Crossroads Community Church participants are invited to sign each year. Other items of business include a treasurer's report, updates on the youth and children's programs and opportunities that the Lord is laying before us for the new year.

As we move into 2015, I am praying we, as individuals, will decisions about spending time together in such a way that we connect more deeply and honestly -- not only with God, but also with one another -- that we will show the world what it means to Love God and Love our Neighbor as Ourselves.

There are many ways we can do that.

One option is that we would choose to read the book The Dangerous Kind (click here to download the first chapter) for several weeks together. We could choose to focus on chapters of this book during the first weeks of the new year -- here's a possible outline:
  • Jan. 04 - chapter 1 - "Living Dangerously in a Perilous Time"
  • Jan. 11 - chapter 2 - "The Naturally Supernatural Life"
  • Jan. 18 - chapter 3 - "A Dangerous Kindness"
  • Jan. 25 - chapter 4 - "The Spirit and the Mind"
  • Feb. 01 - chapter 5 - "Under the Word"
  • Feb. 08 - chapter 6 - "Hiddenness"
  • Feb. 15 - chapter 7 - "Love: God's Gold Standard"
  • Feb 22 - chapter 8 - "Repent--Kingdom Life Starts Here"
  • Mar. 01 - chapter 9 - "Reckless"
  • Mar. 08 - chapter 10 - "This is the Key to Your Life"
There's no need to do it this way. This is just a possibility. The point is that, if we read and worship and share together, we will growing spiritually together -- not just as isolated individuals who happen to worship together for about an hour once a week. We could have discussions too--and perhaps some outreach "events" or "efforts" that tie into what we're learning.

OK... it's 6:30 and any minute I'll be getting a call to go up to the church building. I need to wrap this up. More later.

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