Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Have Received. Will We Now Give?

Jon & Breanna (our youngest and his wife) graduated from North Central University yesterday.  Also, yesterday, during our celebration for that, Jon got a call from DaVita letting him know that he got the job he had interviewed for.  Last weekend we had helped them move from their university apartment to a condo in southern Hopkins.

Today, we joined a bunch of our daughter Naomi and husband Tim's friends and relatives as they helped them move from their apartment to a house in Roseville.  Toni worked hard out in the yard while I did a bit in the house.  I inaugurated their new bedroom with a nice nap.  My assessment: the house sleeps well.  Then we drove back down to my brother's to pick up the rotor-tiller that he had borrowed last year.  We arrived home about 6:00.  A very nice weekend so far!

In the midst of this, I've been talking with our son Dan about the amazingly huge GRACE that God showers on the world because of his great love.  The LOVE of God is so HUGE that it is SCANDALOUS!  It leaves NO ONE out!  Wow!  (I'm looking forward to celebrating that tomorrow with our beloved ones at Crossroads.  Come and be with us as we share together.  Looking forward to bible study at 9 and a message to be shared via Steve Basney at 10:15 worship.)

Moms know about giving.  Here in the USA at least tomorrow is Mother's Day.  My mom's health isn't very strong these days.  Yesterday we prayed for her as we gathered to celebrate Jon & Breanna's graduation.  Still, in the midst of all this family stuff, Holy Spirit pushes me to think of other mothers that I know whose lives are harder than any of us probably know -- mothers who suffer beyond what might seem "normal," mothers who really could use a touch of love from me and you.  

As we (and I) have receive so much grace and love, we (and I) have a lot to give.  Unfortunately, believers in Jesus (me too) can get so caught up in build a little private "family kingdom" where none of our closest loved ones suffers real need.  (Our son Jon said yesterday that he and his wife could never "fall through the cracks" because of how many caring family members they have.)  Disciples of Jesus--we have a greater calling--not to neglect our own moms but to reach out to others too, especially to those who don't have the same support system as our own.

How is God calling you to reach out to a mom that isn't your own mom?  How is God calling you to reach out to anyone who needs the kind of unconditional love God gives--a love that can only be reflected a bit by our own mothers.  Ask God tonight.  How would you want me to reach out tomorrow?  Ask that question tonight and pray that Holy Spirit will provide a good opportunity to let the wonderful grace and love of God flow out to others.

We love because Christ first loved us.  To those whom much is given, much will be required.  Words straight from the heart of God.  God's peace and love to all tonight and tomorrow, in Jesus' name.

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