Wednesday, March 19, 2014

These Days

Good evening friends.  It's the end of a long day.  Early today I was in a car accident -- I'm fine -- but my favorite car, a Honda Civic that I got from my uncle, has significant damage to the left rear.  We'll see if it's fixable.  It's in the hands of the insurance company now.

We got a rental car so we're not car-less, though we are down to one... our Ford Focus is being used by our son Dan while he's looking for another car himself because the van he was using (our "Dilly" a.k.a. "the wedge" see Toni's eulogy at right) gave up the ghost last week.  None of the options he's looking at have worked out yet.  We're helping the best we can, and part of that is letting him use one of our cars so he can get to work.

I'm back home now after youth (a great evening at JAM).  I'm listening to the news about the missing Malaysian airliner.  We've also been paying attention to the complex Crimean/Russian/Ukrainian situation.  And I'm getting ready to preach on the commandment "You shall not kill."  This business with cars is such a small thing.

For enjoyment I've been having fun with pictures that I took in two different Brazilian communities 30 years ago, scanned during Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's break and have since uploaded to facebook.  Acquaintances from both areas are commenting and liking and sharing and "friending" me.  Honestly, it's so much fun to see the appreciation from these people, some of whom did not have access to photography back in 1983-84.  If I had some time I'd write personally to each one.  (If you want to see the pictures go here for the Ceilândia album, and here for Rio Pardinho.)

There's no ministry point to all of this today, I just wanted to get something written tonight.  I'm curious what God will do through it all.

God's peace to you tonight.

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