Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Point of Gathering

I always look forward to the time I spend gathered with others in Jesus' name.  I love spending time with men and women who love God's Word and are dedicated to the Lord Jesus.  Being with them, no matter what their age, is so sweet, particularly when we can have time together to look into God's Word and be together in prayer. 

The Lord has blessed us with many such times in the last few days, beginning with the Saturday morning "church study group."  I am thankful!

The point of gathering is to grow closer to the Lord and to discern His ways.  The love that we have for one another is good as long as we are focused on the right thing.  If we focus on one another too much, we can fall into idolatry, that is, we can idolize the good feelings that being with others gives.

In today's "Moravian Daily Texts," we read about the time when Jacob told his household to reject any "foreign gods" that they had in their possession.  Releasing anything that is not "of God" is a discipline that God continues to call for among his people.  Putting other things aside is often a painful thing to do, but it must be done if our worship, and our "gathering" in Jesus' name is to be true.


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