Thursday, August 29, 2013

God Wants More Kids!

from my daughter Naomi's website -
As I was at the state fair on Saturday, and as I was walking back toward the north entrance in the early evening, the Lord began speaking to me about His love for all these individual people.

God our Father wants to have an individually tailored "give and take" relationship with every one of his human creatures.  He doesn't treat them as a river of bodies or a crowd that needs to be controlled.  He doesn't see us as a a bunch of interesting but relatively interchangeable parts.  He doesn't see us as members of organizations, citizens of countries or workers who fulfill various functions.  When He looks at us (and He does!) He sees us, each one, as the precious uniquely crafted and cared for reflections of His Own Nature that we were each created to be.  And, as I said, He wants to have an individual relationship with each.

That was what my Father God said to me as I was walking north along Cooper Street at the Minnesota State Fair last Saturday.

On Monday I showed the photo above to a group at church that is heading* up the "My Hope America" emphasis.  One of the women I'm working with on this, Bonita Garthus, got the biggest smile on her face when I talked with her about what God had said to me on Saturday evening about the state fair crowd.  Her face lit up with an ear to ear smile and, laughing, said something like this "God always wants more children!  He wants more kids!"

Amen Bonita!  Absolutely true.  God wants more kids.  God wants more and more children and adults and elders that know that He knows them personally, more and more who have the same sort of give and take personal relationship that He had with Abraham.  God wants more and more children.  He wants them individually.  He doesn't want more numbers, numbers of people who are members of churches or parts of groups.  God wants more and more to have a one-on-one personal relationship with Him, more and more that will be aware of His abiding, perfect, sweet presence, individually tailored purpose, and unfailing peace.  More and more kids.  That's what God wants.

How can you become a child of the heavenly Father?  You must be born again.  You must be born "from above."  More on this later, probably on Sunday morning at worship, but, for now, read John's gospel chapter 3.


* "heading up" not in the sense of being the bosses, but being the ones who are the most focused on this particular project at this time.

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