Thursday, February 28, 2013

Connecting with Crossroads

The following email went out from Crossroads earlier this evening. 

Crossroads Friends -
     God's peace to you in Jesus' name.  We continue to consider the message we heard last Sunday from our guest speaker Gina Mueller.  Our Father God is always ready for us to spend some time alone with Him.  Take that time as you are able, turn off the noise, shut your door, open your Bible and listen for His voice.
     How can we pray for you tonight?  Please let us know by phone, email or text!  If it's not urgent, let someone know you're in need of prayer when we're together on Sundays, stop by when the office is open during the week, or during our weekly prayer ministry time on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.  When two or three are together in Jesus' name He promises to be with us.  Let's gather with him often!  We look forward to praying with you.
     Just a quick reminder about the crafting time that has been set aside here at church tomorrow evening and Saturday.  Something else in the works – possibilities for a summer youth mission trip and Bible camp are being discussed.  See our church announcement page for these opportunities and more -
     March begins tomorrow, and in Minnesota that means snow!  One thing we learned on the snowy Sunday at the beginning of February is that would be good for us to get updates on contact information, especially for those who like to text. 
     TEXT MESSAGING - We're going to try sending notices out by text message in addition to email.  The attached contact info update sheet (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) will be put in the bulletin this Sunday, but you can send us the info whenever you like.  You can text us too -- through Pastor Steve Thorson's cell phone - 763-291-3499 (provider is T-Mobile -- that info is needed by some text messaging systems).  We're learning how to text, slowly, so we might call you back when you text.  We ask your patience as we learn!
     PHONE CALLS - If you would be willing to make phone calls, with prayer requests or vital information such as we had on Feb 3 with the snowfall, let us know you would like to make calls!  What would be wonderful is if someone who does text or email could be the "link" between the electronic crowd and others who prefer a call.  You can always call church at 320-286-2100, but if a quick response would be more helpful, call Pastor Steve at 763-291-3499 as the office has limited hours.
     OTHER WAYS TO KEEP IN TOUCH - On Feb 3 we updated our church website as best we could with the changing conditions.  For those who are familiar with "twitter" you can follow Pastor Steve "@equalsharing."  You can also friend him on facebook.  Our church itself has a facebook page that we'd like to keep more active.  If anyone would like to try doing that from your home let us know and we'll set you up.
     AT CHURCH - One of our young people is building a portable kiosk that will be placed out in the fellowship area at church.  This is an Eagle Scout project and we're very thankful for the efforts that are being put into it.  Each family will soon have a "mailbox"!  That should prove helpful!
     Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Please pray for one another and for the ministry we have through Crossroads - setting people free to follow Jesus in all of life.
Sincerely yours,
Crossroads Community Church

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