Friday, December 28, 2012

More Than A Brochure

Sitting here in the middle of the night considering how to help lead Crossroads into the new year. We put together a brochure based on our Jeremiah 6:16 theme verse but I know brochures (and any kind of writing) just don't make the kind of difference that God is calling us to make.  It's got to be preached and lived out, so that's what I'm getting ready to do.  (If you're interested in seeing more of the brochure, click here.)

I'm planning on using two examples of what it means to "Stand at the crossroads, look, ask and walk."  The first, from the Bible, is the story of King Josiah. The history of Josiah's people leading up to the beginning of his reign was a true nightmare!  The people of God had turned against the Lord in almost every way imaginable, and they were about to be destroyed because of their sin.

At some point during King Josiah's reign, one of the faithful religious leaders finds "a book" that just happens to be the book of the law of Moses.  I haven't yet investigated how it is that the book was lost, but what's important is what Josiah and his people did when the book was found!  First Chronicles 34-35 says that the book's recovery resulted in blessed obedience!  The people turned from their sinful ways and began following the Lord.

The second example I'm hoping also to use is from our Crossroads church family.  Just how I will share this is yet to be determined, but there is a sweet process of (1) coming to a "crossroad" of life and stopping there to (2) look, (3) ask and (4) act differently that is coming to pass in someone's life these days.  It's so exciting to see someone set free!  It's a long process and people need support and honest companionship as they go through it, but I believe Crossroads Community Church came into being for that purpose.

Lots still to work on as I prepare this message, but, at the moment, I need sleep!  Good night!

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