Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Prayer for Today

Oh my God, we ask that You destroy all chains that bind us to the things of this world. Release us to be led by Your Spirit of Life whom Christ imparted to us! Pour out Your powerful boldness, that we may be vessels for Your use in bringing forth Your Kingdom. Help us, Lord, to wash one another's feet, cleansing the dust of walking in this world, encouraging, exhorting and edifying one another as You taught us to do. We commit to heeding Your leading and to surrendering completely (and as often as we must) so that we are submitted to Your Merciful Power and Grace. And God, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit, we say, together, a great AMEN.

(from Whitney McKendree Moore from "The Disciple Ship Shipmates" - a prayer group on facebook I've belonged to for the last two years or so. The group's founder, Eric Swensson says: We think doing effective evangelism is about discipleship. We think this is simple, but hard. Therefore, we need constant contact with our Triune God and with other disciples. We need prayer. The group Shipmates is prayer support for people everywhere who are involved in discipleship evangelism... Talking about prayer is good, but actually praying is much better. When people ask you to pray don't say "I'll pass that along to my prayer list" say, "Would you like to pray with me now? What would you like us to pray for?")

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