Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Not Actually that Quiet

It seems there is so much to "say" these days that I don't write much of anything here... God has been so evident that it seems a shame that I haven't found time, but so it is.  I have done some work on the Crossroads website so I haven't been entirely absent from the internet. but most of what's going on is "off line."

There have been dozens of answers to prayer...  amazing things in my life, in the lives of those we care about, in the lives of my family members, particularly my kids.  I've been reading much... recent authors that have gotten my attention are Bill Johnson, Herbert Mjorud and Jim Cymbala.  There have been many spiritual insights, and more each day, but not enough leisure to get it down in writing.

God has been showing up on the school bus that I drive, in the expansion of our church ministry and in MUCH prayer.  So there's lots going on but little writing.  So it is for now.

I do long to hear from you, though, so please friend me on facebook or call me - 763-291-3499.  I write little, very brief, insights on facebook.  That's where most of the online ministry is for me right now.

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