Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Engineer

Once again, as He does so often, the Lord engineered the circumstances around my life yesterday evening in such a way that a blessing happened.

When I say these things I might sound like a "know it all."  It might sound like I am bragging.

Actually, it's the opposite.  I know how weak and sinful I am, so when something occurs that makes it possible for me to be a blessing, all I can do is praise and thank God.  I do so publicly so others will know I take NO credit for myself and YOU can know there is someone they can trust to unravel the confusion of life and make it a blessing.  All praise and thanks to someone who receives me as I am and transforms me so something good can come out of this.

What happened?  Through no plans of my own, simply, I believe, because I have made myself available to the Lord--and that because I make such a mess of things otherwise--... Through no plans of my own I was able to be at my mom and dad's apartment last night and was able to help mom get to the hospital.  She's doing well now, praise God, but I am so thankful to the Great Engineer, the Holy Spirit Himself, for letting me be here at this time.

Thank you, Lord.  And thank you, Lord, for my parents, who taught me to trust and obey God first.  I have been such a rebel, but the Lord welcomes me home and uses me for his service.  All praise to God.

How has the Lord been the engineer of your life?  If you don't see it, ask Him to reveal it to you today--and ask a friend to pray with you in Jesus' name.


  1. Pastor Steve
    I thank you for the blog. It refreshs and strenghtens me. May the Lord Bless both of you this day. Jerry Seehusen

  2. I think "How has the Lord NOT been the engineer of your life" would come with a shorter answer.

  3. Jerry - thanks. Mark (I assume that's you, Mark?...)... when I try to engineer my own life, which certainly DOES happen... or when I try to "run" other people's lives, then I'm not letting God be God. God does give me free will and there would be a long list of times when I've not gone God's way. A VERY long list that will continue until the day I die. God can redeem it all, however... for which I am very thankful.

  4. I think you'll also agree though that if you look hard enough you'll see that even when you were trying to engineer your own life, God was still there doing His work too. Sometimes His work is in-spite of ours, but He never gives up on us.

  5. Ain't it the truth, praise God for that.

  6. Oh some days I wish The Great Engineer was a little more direct. Or am I just not listening. Or do I keep hearing "Be patient, it is not yet time."


    Tim Robbins

  7. Hi Tim! I was actually AT Bible study on Saturday... I haven't been there much lately and I'll miss this week too... Anyway... we DO see through a glass darkly and I hope I don't make it sound like I ALWAYS know what's going on because I don't. But last night was one of those times when it just seemed to be God's timing... I know you have experienced that sometimes. And, yes, in my life, patience is so much a part of it... and lots of sin and forgiveness too.