Saturday, July 3, 2010

As Is

I got down to Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp for two days this week -- our sixteenth summer of going to Family Camp there. The main presenters were Tim Hatt and Peder Eide, both associated with Hosanna! Lutheran Church in Lakeville.

One highlight for me was seeing Peder Eide perform his song entitled "AS IS." I liked it so much I bought a t-shirt with the lyrics on the back.

God does use us as is--as we are--with all our faults and failings. This isn't the whole story, because God does confront and transform us too, as you can see by looking at any of the Bible stories Peder mentions in his song. If I get a chance later on I'll link to those stories.

Go to for more on Peder.  I would LOVE IT if we could get him, or Tim, to come to Cokato sometime soon! 

I asked Peder if he was on Rhapsody, which Toni and I subscribe to, but I only found two of his albums on there. Go to for one of them. This is advertising, pure and simple, for a top notch local Christian artist. ;-)

The video below is at

Moses was a stutterer
David was a murderer
Jeremiah suicidal
Naked in the street
Paul, he had a problem
The specifics left unsaid
Timothy had stomach aches
And Lazarus was dead

Samson was a long-haired, Arrogant womanizer
Rahab was scarlet corded, Lady of the street
John the baptist eatin' bugs and honey on his bread
Gideon a scaredy cat, And Lazarus was dead

As is
As is
He chooses us as his
As his
As his
Infuses us as is
With never ending
Love transcending
All our weakness
No excuses
He uses us as is

Noah was a drunk man, Abraham an old man
Jacob was a liar man, Leah second best
Jonah should have followed God, but ran away instead
Martha was a worry wart, and Lazarus was dead

Jesus said to stay awake, they went to bed instead
Peter turned and ran away, Jesus hung and bled.
Copyright 2006 Ya Sure! Music


  1. This is a great song with a wonderful message. I plan to incorporate into Faithfully Fit Forever workouts. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks, Denise. I'm hoping we can get Peter Eide out here for a FAITH LIFT! Thanks for reading scripture today! You are a gift in so many ways! God certainly uses you "as is." Praise the Lord for His transforming power!

  3. This is an amazing song. I was told of this song by my brother who is currently in prison. He is staying strong in the lord and taking part in friday night worship, which consists of an inmate band and lots of praise and worship. He said they either have a sermon or a motivational speaker. I found your website because he is wanting the lyrics to this song. I do agree that this will be a great workout song! Thank you for being here. RJ

  4. Thank you for your comment, RJ. It's always encouraging for me when someone finds what I've posted helpful. I remember searching for the lyrics -- ended up copying them off a t-shirt that I bought at a Peder Eide concert that we had here in Cokato. How encouraging to hear about your brother. Remind him that Joseph spent a lot of time in prison before the Lord raised him to his position of authority! Peace to you in Jesus' name.