Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to Pray

This coming Sunday the assigned gospel is from Jesus' prayer as recorded in John 17.  Jesus here is praying that we would have the kind of relationship with him that he has with his Father.  Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer.  In fact, the Bible says he is praying now, interceding for us, coming before God the Father with our needs!  So, if we're going to have the same kind of relationship with him as he does with his Father, doesn't that mean we will spend time in prayer too?

I'm spending this week at a prayer school* and prayer retreat up at Mount Carmel Bible Camp near Alexandria, MN.  It's a nice getaway... I'm considering it "continuing education" which is a part of my job... the prayer school is being led by Pastor Bjorn Peterson, currently on the staff of the ELCA's Grand Canyon Synod's Prayer Ministry.

But this prayer school and retreat is much more than education, and far more active than a retreat.  If this first day of this prayer school is any indication, things will be happening here.  Here, we won't just learn about prayer, we will pray.  Because we know prayer is important for Jesus, it's time well spent.

So, please let us know how we can pray for you this week.  Call me or text 763-291-3499.  Send an email -- I'll be checking email occasionally.  You can connect with me by facebook too.  Is anything making you feel anxious or afraid?  Are you weary or burdened?  Let us pray with you.  Don't try to go it alone.  Jesus is praying that we would be united with him in the same sort of relationship that he has with his Father.  And that means praying together--or at least sharing our concerns so we can pray together over the miles when we must be apart for now.

The peace of the Lord will come and be with you as you join with others to pray, in Jesus' name.

*The prayer school is focused on "Strategic Level Intercession and Warfare Prayer" based on Ephesians 6:10-20 and a Christian spiritual interpretation of the the Old Testament books Joshua and Judges where warfare plays such a central role.  It's the first prayer school on this topic that Prayer Watch International has ever sponsored in the United States.  We'll be having a different week long prayer school at our church next week, May 17-22.  The focus of that week is Listening--Listening for God's "voice" in scripture and through the Holy Spirit.  You're invited to come for all or part of the week.  Let me know if you would appreciate some financial aid to help you attend.

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