Monday, February 8, 2010

Fixing Problems (or at least trying to)

Someone contacted me a moment ago to let me know that they were unable to play the audio of last Sunday's sermon because they needed PERMISSION or something.  I hadn't intended there to be that problem.  It is fixed now.  I apologize and am GRATEFUL to the person who pointed out the problem!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Many times we can fix problems if someone mentions them.  Many times we don't know if there is a problem unless someone speaks up.  That is true in so many ways.  For example, as we have been dealing with "issues" in our church recently I haven't known that some people were feeling uncared for and even rejected.  We've found out that is true, now, and we can begin to take steps to correct it.  But that "fix" will probably take longer.  We human beings are much more complex than an internet access issue!

In any case, THANK YOU to all the brave souls who let us know when something is awry.

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