Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Love Song to Jesus

Here's are lyrics and a link to a wonderful Christian song from Norway - in English. It's a beautiful love song to Jesus. He is always there to rescue those who are lost--and sends us as His servants to do that too.

Look after the lyrics for the link to the music video. It's great!

If you are ever in need of help, don't hesitate to contact a caring Christian friend--or feel free to email me.

God's glory is seen as people are rescued from despair and raised to praise! Whenever you are in need of a spiritual lift, get together with a friend and pray for someone in need. God does amazing things!

"Tune of His Glory"

When the lights were almost gone
Where dreams started fading
When I couldn't find home
You looked for me.

When my praise was empty words
And I didn't see it
When my prayers were lifeless
You still listened.

Now that I'm next to you
I realize
That I can't live
Without you.

No I won't live
Without you.

And I can't help
Loving you back.

Sing songs to the tune of His glory
Set glory to the Rhythms of His praise.

Nothing else could satisfy.


Click here for the YouTube music video.

The song "Tune of His Glory" is from the album "Radiate" by Pinsekirken Ungdom. The lyrics are by Stian Kervell, music by Joel Berge and Andrè Hagen. The group is from a Pentecostal church (Tabernaklet) in Bergen, Norway.

For more on the group go to Pinsekirken Ungdom's MySpace webpage.


  1. Heyy... whats up ???
    For some reason I found your blog... I was looking for this lyric.. I love this song.. and I was reading your profile and I saw that You was here in Brazil... very nice... I'll like to talk with you okay....
    God bless you... byee

  2. Bom ouvir de algum do pais mais grande do sul! Conheco uma so pessoa em Sao Paulo - entre os milheres -- me manda um email e vou conta-lhe seu nome. Minha cunhada (irma da minha esposa) mora perto de Curitiba -- seu esposo e pastor ali. Abracos do algeum que sempre tem saudades do Brasil!

  3. WOWW.... Voce fala portugues !!! Isto é ótimo. But I love englishh.... lol... Muito bom saber que gosta do Brasil. I was with some americans here last week and some are coming to live in Brazil in Curitiba and I'm going to USA very shortly. Do you have facebook?

  4. Sim, tenho. Pode me buscar usando meu endereco email. Aceitarei o seu convite de amizade se quera me convidar. Gosto a oportunidade de treinar.

  5. Please keep Tom Morris in your prayers. I think he's on his way to the hospital again. Thanks

    Mike L

  6. Sim, concerteza. Qual o seu e-mail? Eu enviei para um mas nao sei se chegou!!! I'll help you to trainee your portuguese...okay !!

  7. Hey!
    Johannes from Norway here.
    How did you come over this video? I'm playing bass in this song, and it's really encouraging to see people from the other side of the globe taking part in our worship! Lets give him praise, united as the one people of Christ we are!

    God bless!

  8. It's an honor to hear from you, Johannes. David Housholder, a pastor from Huntington Beach, California (Robinwood Church) had a link on his facebook page. I think it's a cool ministry!

  9. Hey Pastor Steve!
    I just found your blog here on the internet! I am Joel the lead vocalist from Pinsekirken... It is such a blessing to hear that you find God through this song!
    God bless you and your ministry

  10. I stumbled upon this song yesterday and I think I'm a couple years late, lol. But this song holds the words that my mouth could never form, words that my heart are screaming. Thank you for posting these lyrics, and to the band, thank you for allowing God to speak to the most inner parts of your hearts. I've been struggling with falling in love with Him all over again, and listening to this song has restored the spark in the relationship that God and I have, well on my side anyways because He never fell out of love with me.

  11. whenever i here this song ,i forget all the worries and start feeling the presence of GOD,thanks for the song and also to this blog ,i was searching for the lyrics from many days..

  12. Thanks for sharing the lyrics of this song. I've been searching for the lyrics ever since I first listened to the song on TV. Please where can I get the complete album to buy, online?