Friday, July 10, 2009

Truth and Cowardice

Jim Tegelhutter's facebook comment "I continue to learn that truth is often the casualty of perception... and to never underestimate the cowardice of the religious..." is so true.

The second part is very easy to understand and certainly hits the mark, though it's sometimes challenging to discern, from the outside, what is "cowardice" and what is "kindness."

In the first part: "truth is often the casualty of perception" is it that we have sinful fallible hearts that do not want to look at the log in our own eyes?

I'm preaching this week on very churchly lectionary texts from Amos and Mark, specifically Mark 6:14-29 (the beheading of John the Baptist). Amos roars through the whole of his book and John is no coward either. Both of them speak truth to power and suffer because of it.

When anyone catches me being cowardly, please challenge me to change my ways!

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  1. and don't be afraid to do the same to me. I won't be offended...

    Mike L