Sunday, February 22, 2009

How God Leads

Do you have a decision to make? Is today or tomorrow an important one in your life's journey? Every day that's true, but perhaps, like me, you have something important to decide soon.

God will guide us when we sincerely ask him, and when we are ready to listen, when we give up our stubbornness and are ready, no matter what, to do what God says.

God promises, when we want do do so, we will be able to hear his voice. God's voice is heard sometimes in preaching and teaching, but sometimes with a sort of spiritual sense. To know, however, what is God's voice and what is just our own idea, or the pressures of the world, we need help! And God is ready to help when we are ready to hear!

I'm downstairs at church listening to Nicky Gumbel teach on the topic of God's Guidance. Nicky is helpfully summarizing the way God guides us by five "C.S."s...** These are listed below in priority order. If you feel like doing something, for example, that in contradiction to God's clear commands in scripture, it is not God's Will.

How God Guides Us
The Five "C.S."s
  1. Commanding Scripture - some decisions are decided because of what we learn in the ten commandments and in the commandments of Jesus (see particularly the sermon on the mount). God will not guide you in contradiction to the core commands of his Word.
  2. Compelling Spirit - When we are in close contact with God's Word and God's People, the Lord will be at work within us and among us, pushing us, changing us so we desire to do what God wants.
  3. Common Sense - Think about it. Weigh positives and negatives. Don't be stupid. John Stott said "God's promises of guidance were not given to save us the trouble of thinking."
  4. Counsel of the Saints (that is, other Christians, especially those who are experienced, older or trusted with leadership) - The wise listen to advice from those they respect. We are almost never to make an important decision all alone, or with "God as one's only friend."
  5. Circumstantial Signs - the so called "coincidences" that God puts in our path. Examples in Acts 16:7 and 1 Cor 16:19. All things work together for good with those who love the Lord (Rom 8:28).
Please pray tonight and in the next few days that those facing significant choices will be led by the Lord, and will step out in faith to do what He wants.
**These five points are a very brief summary of Nicky's Bible based Christ-centered teaching. To learn more, come to Alpha, or ask to borrow an Alpha DVD or a book. You'll be glad you did.

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