Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teaching the Metanarrative

Nate, Paul and I saw part 6 of "The Truth Project" today, focusing on history. God is in charge (ultimately). In some way, all that happens is a part of His grand plan.
As we learn the Bible's story, we learn the outline of that plan. Part 6 of the Truth Project had a section in it that covered much of the Bible's outline in about 5 minutes from creation to revelation.
For years I've thought it is important for people to learn the Bible. Now I know why. Knowing the Bible and its stories helps us put our own story into a bigger context. Our sins, joys, failures and successes become understood as larger than we are. We are a part of a bigger (true) story.
A comment came in connection with confirmation. Someone thought we should be learning more from the catechism. I've always found it more important to focus on the Bible. Now I know why.

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